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Louise Wright
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Get off the beaten path with a 4WD Camper.

Perfect for the adventurous type wanting to get off the beaten path, the 4WD Apollo Adventure Camper is essential for your next Aussie getaway.

Perfect for the adventurous type wanting to get off the beaten path, the 4WD Apollo Adventure Camper is essential for your next Aussie getaway.

If you’ve got a taste for adventure and haven’t explored Australia in a 4WD camper yet, you’ve been missing out! Here’s 5 top reasons why you need to book a 4WD Camper and start planning your adventure ASAP.


1. With a 4WD, the destination options are limitless  

With a 4WD Camper, you will be able to access unique places like never before. Everyone knows the real adventure starts when you leave the bitumen behind, and a 4WD Camper is the most comfortable way to explore the great outdoors and see all that rural and remote Australia has to offer. With the Apollo 4WD Adventure Camper, you will have everything you need on board for the trip of a lifetime.

What’s even better, is that you can beat the crowds by accessing those hidden gems which are just a bit further afield – trust us, the drive will be worth it once you arrive and can take in the sights away from the hustle and bustle of the popular tourism spots.



2. Explore national parks

Go off road and explore Australia’s plentiful national parks on your 4WD camper adventure – from bush to lush rainforest, deep gorges to red deserts, the options are practically endless. With 650+ national parks across Australia, there’s so much to explore – and many of the parks are much more easily accessed with a 4WD vehicle. Pack up a 4WD Camper, pick a national park and get ready for some time offline in nature – with a 4WD Camper you’ll have everything on board (eat, sleep and shower anywhere!) for an epic adventure no matter which national park you choose or what facilities are available.



3. Dinner tastes better under the stars

Make the most of Australia’s beautiful climate and eat dinner under the stars. After a long day of exploring, enjoy dinner under the stars with a full outdoor kitchen, equipped with everything you need to make a delicious meal at the end of the day. Everyone knows that everything tastes better when you’re eating outdoors, so take your time and make an evening of it.

You can enjoy hanging out by your camper during the day too of course - looking for some shelter from the sun? Just set up the fold out awning for instant shade, no matter where you’re parked up.


4wd camper at campsite with campfire at night


4. Go further with extra fuel capacity

Extra fuel capacity means you can explore further without having to stop for fuel quite so often. Simply fill up the 2 x 20L jerry cans supplied with the 4WD Camper and hit the (dirt) road!

You’ll also feel extra secure knowing there’s a spare tyre on the back for all of those “But what if we get a flat in the middle of nowhere?” thoughts that we all have when embarking on an epic off road (and off grid) adventure.  


4wd camper parked up with a view at sunset


5. Get a good night’s sleep – see ya later tent!

Used to spending time outdoors in a tent? While camping in a tent can be fun, travelling in a campervan will take your holiday to the next level – you’ll be glamping on wheels! No more pumping up your air mattress at 2am when you realise it’s got a slow leak. Apollo 4WD Campervans are fitted with a comfy mattress – just pop up the roof and pull out the bed and get cosy, no mattress air pump required!

Plus, you’ll be snoozing soundly knowing the bugs are at bay, with handy fly screens on the pop top windows and door – fall asleep to the sounds of the bush, content in knowing that the bugs will stay where they belong.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab a map and start plotting your next 4WD Camper adventure today – the dirt roads and epic sunsets are waiting for you.  


Ready to start making memories? We’ll see you on the road. 




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