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Louise Wright
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9 Summer Campervan Road Trip Essentials.

Ready for your summer Aussie adventure? Make sure you grab this essential gear before you set off!

Summer is here and we know you’re itching to get on the road!

Hitting the road this summer to explore the great outdoors in an Apollo campervan or motorhome? You can rest assured you’ll already have all the essentials (such as kitchen equipment and bedding) on board with you.

However, there’s a few things you’ll need so you’re ready to make the most of the warm weather while you’re on holiday.

Ready for your summer Aussie adventure? Make sure you grab the following gear before you set off!  


1. Swim wear & beach towels

What’s a summer road trip without a swim? Whether you’re hitting the beach, lake or river, chasing waterfalls or enjoying a pool at a campground, be sure to pop a couple of beach towels and your swimmers into your bag before you hit the road! Don’t forget to grab a waterproof bag to pop your wet clothes and towels in if you’re not able to hang them up to dry straight away – this will keep your campervan nice and dry inside.


2. Slip, Slop, Slap!

It’s so important to be sun smart, no matter where you’re off to in Australia. Sun smart essentials like a hat, long sleeved lightweight shirt, sunglasses, and sunscreen are a must for your packing list. Bonus points for coastal travellers if your sunscreen is reef safe!


3. Keep the bugs away

Whether it’s sand flies, mozzies or bush ticks, keeping bug repellent on hand is a must for your summer road trip to keep you bite free by the sea, in the outback or anywhere in between. Bug repellent is a must have for those long days (and nights) over summer.



4. Hydration hydration hydration!

Having a few re-usable water bottles is essential for your summer driving holiday. All Apollo campervans and motorhomes are fitted with a freshwater tank, so you will have access to fresh water (don’t forget to boil before drinking) no matter where you’re parked up. If you’re going on an especially long drive, you might want to consider grabbing an extra 10L water container from your local grocery store too. It’s so important to stay hydrated so you can make the most of your holiday – no one enjoys a dehydration headache!

Electrolytes can also be handy for those long days exploring – grab some electrolyte powder (rather than ready to go drinks) so you can add it to your water bottle it as needed, while also saving on precious packing space.


5. On-the-go mini cooler bag 

Your vehicle will come equipped with a fridge, but why not pack a small cooler bag to pop some cold drinks and snacks in for trips to the beach or the bush when you’re away from your vehicle for a few hours? We know you’ll appreciate having a cool drink while out on a day trip away from your van, so a mini cooler bag is a must.


6. Lightweight walking shoes & flip flops

Grab some lightweight and quick dry walking shoes so you can get out and explore nature comfortably – quick dry shoes are ideal for all those epic waterfall chasing experiences too!

You’ll also want quality socks and don’t forget a lightweight day pack, for carrying your snacks and water bottle (no one likes a hangry hiker!).

Don’t forget to pop in a pair of flip flops or sandals too – let those feet breathe when they’re not in your hiking boots!  



7. Lightweight clothing

Lightweight and quick dry clothing is the way to go for summer adventures outdoors.   When you’re packing for your campervan holiday, you’re packing for a smaller space, so quick dry clothing that can be hand washed, dried in the sun, and worn again the next day is ideal for longer road trips where you may not have access to a laundromat.

Top tip – look for clothing that’s UV resistant to protect you on those long, sunny days outdoors.


8. Waterproof jacket

Along with your lightweight summer clothes, it’s also worth packing a rain jacket or poncho for your road trip. While summer means warm weather, it can also be wet, particularly if you’re heading to the top end or down the East Coast, so it’s worth grabbing some waterproof gear to have in your day pack just in case. Don’t worry through, Australia’s summer storms don’t tend to last very long – so park up, hunker down and watch nature’s free light show!

9. Waterproof Camera

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? While we definitely recommend you grab your camera (and charger, batteries, memory cards and tripod!) so you can document your trip, you can take your photography to a whole new level with a waterproof camera. A waterproof camera (such as a GoPro) will be so fun to take swimming, snorkelling and waterfall exploring with you – having a waterproof camera will mean you can capture the best holiday moments no matter what you’re doing.  



Need some ideas for road trip itineraries? Check out our itineraries page here and get some ideas on where to stay here.

So, what are you waiting for? Queue up your summer driving playlist, book an Apollo campervan and start packing for your summer on the road!

Ready to start making memories? We’ll see you on the road. 



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