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Alex Fern
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7 Reasons to Take an Australian Road Trip Holiday This Year.

Hiring a camper in Australia is the best way to see it all! See why you should road trip holiday this year.


There’s a reason more songs are written about road trips than any other sort of travel – they’re memorable for all the right reasons. 

Road trips offer the opportunity to break free from the shackles of life’s overscheduling and replace it with freedom and flexibility, found only by putting you in the driving seat of your own adventure.

When you choose to road trip with an Apollo campervan, motorhome or 4WD camper, you’ll have a room with a view, no matter where the road takes you. 

Want to know more? Let us give you seven good reasons to have your own Aussie motorhome or campervan adventure this year.


1. Australia is a big place and you need wheels to see it

Considering Australia has about 50 per cent more land mass than Europe, if you want to immerse yourself in its diverse and expansive landscape, you’ll want to put tyres to tarmac. 

Whether you hug the coast or take the roads less travelled inland, you can expect to find mother nature delivered in high definition at all points of the compass. 

With vehicle pick up and drop off points in 10 locations across Australia and one way hire available, you can cover plenty of ground when you hire a campervan.

Exploring is made even easier when you’re travelling in a hotel on wheels – simply pull up a handbrake and enjoy the freedom to explore what’s on your doorstep. 

Like what you see? Turn a day trip into an overnighter and explore a little more.


2. You can always move your room to a view

Forget paying for the upgrade to move from the garden view to beach view room or having to stick out a holiday with the same noisy neighbours – when you rent a motorhome, your hotel-home is where you choose to park it.

Simply find a spot to park, open the doors and roll out the awning – every day is a new view.

Campgrounds and holiday parks can be found all along the coast and inland, with facilities to keep the whole family entertained. 

Many have resort style pools, water parks, jumping cushions and pedal cars for the young (and young at heart) and amenities like full camp kitchens, gas BBQs, laundries and bathrooms if you decide to opt for a campervan option without onboard facilities.

Whichever campground you choose, embrace vanlife and lean into the fact you can stay and play in the destinations that excite you most rather than follow a strict itinerary.

Not being confined to the schedule of a 2pm check-in or 10am check-out while travelling means you can luxuriate in your favourite destinations or have that sleep in you’ve been hanging out for.  


3. Driving a motorhome, campervan or 4WD camper is easy

Forget getting your trucking ticket, if you can drive a car - you can drive a camper! 

You don’t need any additional qualifications or specific licences to hire an Apollo motorhome for your next Australian road trip.

The same road rules you usually follow apply – you just need to be conscious that you’re carrying extra height and load when visiting carparks and petrol stations, or driving around corners. 

To make things even easier, most Apollo models now include rear vision cameras to make reversing a breeze, have wide side mirrors to help with changing lanes, and automatic transmissions to avoid those awkward hill starts.

Still nervous? Put your nerves at ease and brush up on these tips for first-time motor home users.


4. Your trip will support local businesses

Holiday with heart, knowing you’re directly contributing to and supporting Australian businesses when you take a road trip closer to home. 

Every pitstop, honesty box, coffee purchase, dinner out or day tour supports the local community and economy – so you can feel proud to support the local tourism industry. 

With 7.7 million square kilometres of domestic exploration at your doorstep, including 34,000 kilometres of coastline ripe for the road tripping, there’s no shortage of road trip routes through rural and metro communities. 

Where will you go first? Map out your next road trip with these Australian road trip itineraries:
o    Ultimate Brisbane to Cairns Road Trip – 9 days
o    Tackle the Northern Territory’s Nature Way – 7 days
o    11 days in south-Western Australia – 11 days
o    Go from Coast to Country – 7 days


5. Your creature comforts are all aboard

When you take a motorhome holiday, you can enjoy a nature escape without the hassles of tent camping.

With your amenities onboard (depending on your vehicle type), there’ll be no sharing bathrooms, schlepping it through a caravan park in the night to find a communal kitchen or requirement to blow up your own bed before sleeping on it. 

Within our fleet, you can find a motorhome, campervan or 4WD camper to suit your group size and travel needs.

What’s more, you can fill your luggage with your favourite holiday essentials like books, yoga mats and beach toys rather than uninspiring utilities like kitchen equipment and bulky bedding.

Did you know, Apollo vehicles come fully-equipped with everything you need for a great holiday, including wine glasses?


6. Fresh air, wide open space, no crowds await

There’s something liberating about road trips – as soon as you’ve got the keys, you’re on your way to your destination.

No crowds, no lines, no lifts, no hotels to navigate – you’re in the driving seat of your own adventure. 

To hit the road for less, check out our latest specials



7. Embrace the camaraderie of caravan parks and free campsites

You don’t have to love small talk to feel instantly at ease when it comes to motorhome holidays. 

Armed with two questions – ‘’where did you come from?’’ and ‘’where are you going?’’ – you’re only two questions away from meeting your new best friend. 

Road tripping brings out the kindness in strangers, and the encounters with them will quickly become the best holiday souvenir.

The campfire chats you’ll have with friendly, fellow travellers will make for an unforgettable holiday.



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