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5 Things First Time Motorhome Users Need To Know.

To Ease Camper Fear

Going on a road trip in a motorhome is a lot of fun. You can travel at your own pace, go where you want to, when you want to and linger longer whenever you just can't leave the awesome place you've found. Apollo rental campervans and motorhomes are manufactured to the highest standards, easy to drive and only require a standard driver licence, however here are 5 things you should know when you are driving a motorhome for the first time.




1. Learn How To Use Your RV


Taking the time to learn how to use your vehicle will ensure you use the features and equipment to their full potential and travel safely. Watch our safety and vehicle “how-to” videos on the ApolloConnect app to make your holiday easy as. Before moving on to your next destination, be sure to secure your belongings and close drawers, doors and vents etc. You will get more familiar with this “pre-drive checklist” each time you move on to change your view. Spending a few minutes each time can save you from costly repairs and accidents along the way.



2. Slow And Steady Does It


By driving slowly we do not meant to say you should drive at a snail’s pace. When you are in a motorhome, the journey is as much an adventure as the destination. You are on vacation – so take your time, stick to the speed limit and enjoy every mile of the drive. Do not go hurtling down the highway in a rush. Besides, a steady drive gives your vehicle more fuel economy.



3. Use Your Side Mirrors


Driving around in a vehicle larger and wider than what you are used to means you need to concentrate on where you are on the road at all times - so using your side mirrors is very important. Remember, you need to be able to see the sides of the motorhome clearly at all times as well as the edges of the road you are on.



4. Overtake With Caution


Motorhomes are much bigger, wider, longer and heavier than cars. Only attempt to overtake when you have plenty of time to do so and if you can see the road clearly.



5. Note The Motorhome’s Dimensions


Knowing the length and width of your motorhome saves you a lot of worry when you have to pass a low bridge or places with vehicle width restrictions. Please note our 6 berth motorhomes, for example, do not fit through McDonald's or similar drive-throughs! Grab your road trip snacks while your motorhome is safely parked nearby!


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