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Ultimate Devonport to Strahan Road Trip via Cradle Mountain


Planning a big Tasmania campervan road trip and want some extra tips for things to do on your way from Devenport to Strahan? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an off-beat travel itinerary in Tasmania’s wild west. Regardless of your reason, this guide is the perfect roadmap for a five-day adventure through this region, filled with natural beauty, quirky towns, and opportunities for epic family memories. Best of all, it is perfectly suited for a campervan travel itinerary. 

From Devonport's northern coastal charm to the untamed beauty of Strahan, with Cradle Mountain's majestic landscapes in between, you’ll have the chance to soak in the vibrant street art of small towns, breathe in the ancient air of dense rainforests, explore historic sites, relax on serene beaches and more. 


Day 1: Devonport to Sheffield

Distance: 25km

Travel Time: 30 minutes

After you have picked up your campervan from Hobart and tackled the three-hour drive to Devonport (or alternatively, picked up your camper in Melbourne and travelled across on the ferry) — your first morning begins with the sun peeking over the seaside town of Devonport. Tucked away on the northwest coast of Tasmania, this town is famed for its picturesque waterfront beauty, lush parklands, and the landing point for the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, connecting the island with mainland Australia. 

It's also celebrated for its rich agricultural hinterland, producing some of Tasmania's finest produce showcased in local markets and eateries. As such, there is no better way to begin your adventure than to savour a coffee and breakfast at one of the local eateries. In Devonport, the Laneway Café stands out as a favourite for its locally sourced meals and vibrant atmosphere and Drift Cafe Restaurant delights with its waterfront views and fresh Tasmanian ingredients – you can’t go wrong with either one of these things to do in Devonport, Tasmania. Then, finish with a quick stroll along Coles Beach before beginning the journey south. 

After a 30-minute drive south, you'll find yourself winding towards Sheffield, a town known for its dairy farming and magical murals. Spend a few hours wandering through Mural Park, then venture into Tasmazia & the Village of Lower Crackpot. This quirky maze complex is a hit with kids and adults alike – they also welcome BYO picnics! 

Where to Stay: Tonight, head out 15 minutes from Sheffield and set up camp at O’Neills Creek Campground in Gowrie Park, where the gentle sounds of nature lull you to sleep, gearing you up for another day of road trip adventures.


Day 2: Sheffield to Cradle Mountain

Distance: 60km

Travel Time: 1 hour

After enjoying a slow morning soaking up the natural beauty of O’Neills, its time to continue on toward Cradle Mountain National Park. As you approach Cradle Mountain, the hinterland landscape shifts dramatically to rugged peaks, mirror-like lakes, and untamed wilderness. This is just the beginning of a day full of adventure through the heart of Tasmania's untamed beauty. 

After arriving at Cradle Mountain and picking up your entry passes, it’s time to hit the iconic Cradle Mountain walks and trails of the iconic Dove Lake. Within the park you can challenge yourself with the ascent to Cradle Mountain Summit, enjoy the panoramic beauty from Marion’s Lookout or simply meander along the boardwalks. Regardless of which you choose, each of these Cradle Mountain walks offers a chance for breathtaking vistas and encounters with Tasmania's wildlife up close—wombats, wallabies, and, if fortune smiles, the elusive Tasmanian devil. As night falls, consider a guided stargazing tour to marvel at the southern sky's celestial wonders, a perfect end to the second day of this Devenport to Strahan road trip.

Where to Stay: Return to the comfort of Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain offering a cozy retreat within the park. 

Image: Jake Ward


Day 3: Cradle Mountain

After awakening to the quiet chirping of the wilderness outside your Apollo campervan hire, take some extra time this morning to fuel up with a hearty breakfast in your campervan. With a full day ahead in Cradle Mountain National Park, there is no better way to start your day than with a hearty breakfast surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Tasmania's natural wonderland.

Today's adventure on this Devenport to Strahan road trip dives deeper into the heart of the park. Begin the day with the enchanting Dove Lake Circuit early to beat the crowds and enjoy the serene beauty in peace. The circuit is an easy walk that promises stunning views of Cradle Mountain mirrored in the glassy waters of Dove Lake, framed by ancient rainforests and button grass plains. Getting there early is the only sure way to guarantee those enviable photo opportunities! 

Beyond the well-trodden paths, Cradle Mountain hides gems like the Enchanted Walk—a fairy-tale trail through old-growth rainforest, alive with the sounds of native birds and the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. For families, this is the perfect gentle walk that captures the imagination of both young and old. As dusk falls, why not join a nocturnal wildlife tour? Cradle Mountain's nightlife is buzzing with activity, offering a chance to see Tasmanian devils, quolls, and pademelons under the cover of darkness.

Where to Stay: Head back to camp for another night under the stars at Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain.


Day 4: Cradle Mountain to Queenstown

Distance: 110km

Travel Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

This morning it’s time to bid farewell to Cradle Mountain. As the morning light filters through the trees, enjoy a final breakfast in this majestic landscape. Take a moment to breathe in the pure air and gear up for the next stretch of driving on this Devenport to Strahan road trip to Queenstown.

The drive to Queenstown reveals the rugged beauty of Tasmania's west coast, and a landscape sculpted by a rich mining history. Queenstown's bare hills, a reminder of its past, offer a stark contrast to Cradle Mountain's lushness but possess a unique beauty all their own. Spend a few hours exploring the town's heritage by visiting the Galley Museum, where the stories of miners and their families are brought to life through photographs and artifacts.  

For a taste of adventure, the Iron Blow Lookout offers breathtaking views of an open-cut mine, a vivid reminder of the town's mining legacy. Then, make your way to Horsetail Falls. This cliffside attraction provides a scenic backdrop perfect for a leisurely walk. This impressive 50-metre waterfall at the foot of Mount Owen is a must-see on any Devenport to Strahan road trip. In the evening, stroll through Queenstown's streets, marvelling at the historic buildings and wander into one of the local eateries for a warm, hearty meal—a perfect end to this day of the Devenport to Strahan road trip.

Where to Stay: Nestle in for the night at Queenstown Cabin & Tourist Park, a cozy retreat that promises a comfortable stay amidst the historic charm of this unique mining town.


Day 5: Queenstown to Strahan

Distance: 40kms

Travel Time: 45 minutes

After a restful night, it’s time to set off towards Strahan, the final stop on this Devenport to Strahan road trip. This picturesque town, perched on the edge of the vast Macquarie Harbour, is a gateway to the World Heritage-listed wilderness areas of Tasmania's west coast.

Upon arrival, immerse yourself in Strahan's relaxed coastal vibe. Wander along the waterfront, where historic buildings now house charming cafes and boutiques. A visit to the West Coast Heritage Centre is essential for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the region's rich history and cultural heritage.

Once you have strolled through town, for an unforgettable experience, consider a cruise on the Gordon River. These cruises glide through ancient rainforests and past the notorious Sarah Island, offering insights into the area's natural and convict history with commentary that brings the landscape to life. As the sun sets on Strahan, take a moment to soak up the beauty of this heart of Tasmania's wilderness and its western shores. This is a magical corner of Australia and a must-see on any Australia road trip itinerary.

Where to Stay: Conclude your adventure by staying at Strahan Beach Tourist Park, where the sound of the ocean will lull you to sleep, capping off an unforgettable journey through Tasmania.

Image: Tourism Tasmania


Hit the Road with Apollo

This road trip from Devonport to Strahan via Cradle Mountain is the perfect itinerary for explorers, families, and adventurers looking to experience the wild frontiers of Tasmania. From the lush landscapes of Cradle Mountain to the historic mining-inspired streets of Queenstown and the serene, wild beauty of Strahan, Tasmania’s west is a land of contrasts waiting to be explored. Ready to start your adventure? Book your Apollo motorhome today and unlock the door to Tasmania’s untamed beauty.  

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