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Alyssa Tresider
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Family-friendly things to do in the Gold Coast.

We love family travel, especially a family road trip when exploring Australia! Throughout this blog we are going to guide you on our top things to do with kids when visiting the Gold Coast. There are so many things to do on the Gold Coast, so we hope this blog makes your road trip travel planning all the easier. Of course, the beauty of a campervan hire is that you can take the trip at your own pace, but it also allows you to discover so many more great experiences and attractions along the way. So, read on, get inspired and start your road trip planning today!

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


Why you should put Gold Coast on your road trip itinerary 

There are so many reasons why a family trip to the Gold Coast is a must-do! From beautiful beaches to thrilling theme parks, there is something for every type of traveller in this wonderful part of Australia.

What makes it even better is the ease and convenience of exploring here in a campervan hire. With some great campgrounds to choose from, as well as easy roads and parking throughout the area, campervan travel has never been so easy. Plus Apollo Campers are fully stocked so you have your comfortable home on wheels with plenty of space for the whole family to relax. The Apollo branch is conveniently located in the city of Brisbane, and from here it is an easy 1 hour drive to the Gold Coast.


The best 10 things to do in Gold Coast with kids

Enjoy a beach stroll

To start off our list of the best things to do in the Gold Coast with kids is to go for a stroll along the beach. Not only is this a perfect bonding experience, but also a wonderful way to soak up the stunning scenery of the world-famous Gold Coast beaches.

Two fantastic spots for this delightful activity are Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. Surfers Paradise offers the iconic skyline as a backdrop and a vibrant atmosphere with street performers and shops to explore. Meanwhile, Broadbeach boasts a more serene ambiance, perfect for those seeking tranquillity.

The kids will love to splash in the shallows, build sandcastles, and hunt for seashells. Parents can unwind, relishing the calming waves. Plus, after time at the beach you can wander up to one of the close by ice cream stores to enjoy a tasty treat.


Thrilling theme parks

For those thrill-seeking families, the theme parks of the Gold Coast are a must-visit! Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure as you step into the world of thrilling theme parks. You’ll be spoilt for choice with DreamworldWarner Bros Movie World, and Wet’n’Wild, all calling the Gold Coast home.

Dreamworld boasts heart-pounding roller coasters, interactive wildlife experiences, and captivating live shows. It's a one-stop-shop for family entertainment. At Warner Bros Movie World, you can literally dive into your favourite movies with exhilarating rides themed around iconic films. From Batman to Harry Potter, it's a cinematic blast for everyone. Wet’n’Wild takes the excitement up a notch with its water-based thrills – think towering slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

What makes these parks an absolute hit for the whole family is the variety of activities they offer. While the daring teens conquer roller coasters, the younger ones can meet beloved characters and enjoy milder rides. Plus, the live shows, delicious treats, and vibrant atmospheres ensure that every family member, from the littlest to the oldest, goes home with unforgettable memories and big smiles.


Wildlife encounters

A visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is sure to excite and delight the whole family. This incredible wildlife haven boasts residents such as kangaroos, koalas, possums and native birds.

You can get up close and personal with some of the animals to hand feed them, as well as enjoy many educational talks about the life and conservation efforts of these incredible Australian animals.

The whole family can immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where educational experiences and family fun are wrapped into one.


Explore the coast

With the Gold Coast home to so many stunning coastal landscapes, it’s no surprise that a coastal walk has made it to our list. Oceanview Walk in Burleigh Heads National Park is where we love to take the whole family for a leisurely walk through nature.

The trail takes you along an easy pathway, surrounded by lush native vegetation and boasting spectacular panoramic views of the sparkling ocean. Oceanview Walk, as the name suggests, lives up to its reputation. This scenic path offers glimpses of pristine beaches, hidden coves, and perhaps even some frolicking dolphins if you're lucky!

This activity truly does cater to the entire family. The trail is relatively gentle, making it suitable for kids and grandparents alike. You can pause for picnics, soak up the sun, or even spot a koala or two hanging out in the eucalyptus trees.


Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


Mini golf adventures

A mini golf adventure is another fantastic way to spend quality time with the family while visiting the Gold Coast on a family road trip holiday. With each creatively-designed hole presenting a new challenge, it will have the whole family feeling excited.

There are a few options when it comes to mini golf on the Gold Coast. For instance, you can tee off at Putt Putt Golf, renowned for its quirky themes and exciting obstacles. If you're near Surfers Paradise, Mini Golf offers a seaside twist, with ocean breezes adding to the charm of sinking putts.

Little ones relish the whimsical setups, while teens and adults unleash their competitive spirits. With everyone in the mix, it's an opportunity to bond, cheer each other on, and create long-lasting memories together.



Kayaking is the ultimate splash of fun for the whole family, and the Gold Coast is the perfect place to enjoy this family-friendly activity!

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Go Vertical offers kayaking that's perfect for everyone. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned paddler, they've got you covered. Imagine gliding through calm lakes or riding gentle river currents, all while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Kids will love the excitement, while parents relish the chance to unwind. Whether you team up in tandem kayaks or go solo, it's a recipe for laughter and bonding.


Picnics in the parks

A picnic in the park is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in nature and relax, plus is the perfect dining option when on a family road trip.

The Gold Coast has some wonderful options when it comes to picnic spots. Kurrawa Park boasts vibrant energy with its playgrounds and bustling atmosphere, ideal for families with active kids. On the other hand, Doug Jennings Park offers a tranquil escape, where you can savour the waterfront view and gentle sea breeze.

Enjoying a picnic with loved ones is a hassle-free way to spend quality time together. Kids can frolic on the grass, parents can catch up over food, and grandparents can relish the serene surroundings. Plus, it's budget-friendly and offers a chance to unplug from screens and immerse in nature.


Whale watching

Another great thing to do on the Gold Coast with kids is to go on a whale watching tour! If you’re visiting the area during the annual migration season then this is one family-friendly activity that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hop aboard the Sea the Gold Coast Whale Watching and spot these majestic mammals as they journey past the Gold Coast. The whole family will be in awe as the humpback whales playfully launch out of the water and sometimes even come close to the boat to see what’s going on.

This truly is an experience that is perfect for the whole family, as kids and parents alike will surely never forget such a magical encounter.


Cool off at water playgrounds

Especially during those warmer months, a visit to the Rockpools in Southport Broadwater Parklands is a must! This world-class playground is loved by tourists and locals alike, and when you visit you’ll understand why.

At the heart of the parklands there is a vast open grassy area where you can set up a picnic to enjoy with the family. Then from here you can explore the fun water attractions that are on offer. From the Peninsula Playground and Adventure Play Attraction to the Washington Waters Play Attraction, there is something here to entertain all ages!

Whether you want to enjoy the attractions, or simply revel in the fun atmosphere, every member of the family is sure to love their visit to this fantastic Gold Coast attraction.


Visit the aquariums

The last spot on our list of things to do on the Gold Coast with kids is to visit the Sea World Aquarium. This isn’t your average aquarium, this is an incredible interactive experience that will have the whole family amazed!

The Sea World Aquarium invites you to get up close to see an array of water-loving animals including penguins, polar bears, dolphins, fish and so much more. There are exhibits, shows and events that create a fun and educational experience to have the whole family entertained. Plus there are even thrill rides for those seeking a little more adrenaline-filled experience.

With so many family-friendly activities and experiences all in one place, as well as great educational talks on the importance of conservation of our precious marine and land life, all ages are going to love to visit the Sea World Aquarium on the Gold Coast!


Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


Ready to explore the Gold Coast with Apollo?

So there you have it, all our top family-friendly things to do on the Gold Coast with kids. If you can’t wait to get out there and start exploring Australia with the while family, then make sure to head online to book your Apollo camper today!

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