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Alyssa Tresider
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15 of the Most Unique Places to Visit in Australia.

Ah, Australia, the land down under where adventures are endless and the landscapes are breathtaking. Renowned for its eclectic wildlife (we ride to school on kangaroos, or so we hear) and sprawling landscapes, Australia is a special collection of stunning coastlines, dense rainforests, and vast deserts. If, however, the idea of exploring the unknown excites you and you’re eager to unearth Australia's hidden gems, stick around. Come with us as we take a detour off the beaten path and delve into some of the most underrated and unique places to visit in Australia. Ready to explore this wonderful southern beauty and the unique destinations in Australia? Here’s a little sneak peek into what’s to come:


What is Australia known for?

Australia it’s that vast, mysterious land Down Under where every turn seems to hold something a little wild and outlandish. We are known for our iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, and, of course, our coffee and cafe culture is like no other. This is woven with our rich indigenous cultures, bustling, vibrant cities, and the distinctive Aussie warmth and laid-back charm. But Australia isn't just about its famed icons – that is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more unique places to visit in Australia waiting to be discovered in the untouched corners of this country.


The Best Way to Explore Australia

When we say Australia is big, we mean it. Australia is the world’s 6th largest country and, like many of our larger continent friends, this huge landscape is best explored overland with a classic Australia road trip. And what better way to explore its nooks and crannies than to rent a travel van to explore Australia  – the freedom and flexibility you’ll enjoy is unmatched. There is no better way to create your very own itinerary, discover scenic camping spots, and relish the convenience of having your cozy bed and kitchen right there with you. Best of all, you can pick up and drop off your campervan hire from any of our 10 branches scattered around Australia, allowing you to set off on your unique motorhome adventure.


15 Underrated Australian Destinations You Should Explore

Get ready to swap the glitz of tourist hotspots for the raw, untouched charm of Australia’s hidden gems and unique places to visit in Australia. Nestled away from the usual hustle and bustle are some of the country's best-kept secrets. Get ready to journey beyond the clichés and dive deep into 15 underrated Aussie spots that'll have you asking yourself, "why didn’t I know about this sooner?!"


1. Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Ever heard of the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island? These rocks are true to their name—absolutely remarkable! Located in the southwest of the island within the Flinders Chase National Park, these naturally sculpted formations have been carved and shaped by the erosive forces of wind, sea spray, and rain over millions of years. These rocks are visually striking, standing against the backdrop of the wild Southern Ocean and are easily one of the most unique things to do in Adelaide’s surrounding regions. It’s a must-visit for those keen on exploring some of Australia’s unique natural beauty and geological wonders in a campervan hire. 


2. Crystal Cascades, Cairns, Queensland

If you are looking for unusual things to do in Cairns, look no further than Crystal Cascades. Just a stone’s throw away from Cairns, the cascades are a serene swimming hole hideaway. Why is this spot unusual? Well, in Cairns, swimming itself can be an unusual pastime with the huge number of deadly saltwater crocodiles that inhabit this region. But luckily, this spot is a perfect reprieve from the heat and the crocs! Here, you can relax as the rainforest envelops you, spending your time exploring natural rock pools and waterfalls – a picture-perfect spot for a refreshing dip or a tranquil picnic.


3. Undara Lava Tubes, Queensland

The Undara Lava Tubes are a marvel of nature’s architecture nestled in the heart of the Queensland Outback. Formed over 190,000 years ago by flowing lava, these tubes are among the longest and largest lava tubes on earth, serving as a window into the region's volcanic past. It’s a must-see for adventurers with a keen interest in geology and the hidden secrets of our planet. 

Top tip: A journey here is a bit of a trek, with the closest major city being Cairns, about three hours north. As such, we always recommend this Australian gem as part of a larger Australia road trip. If you’re looking for the perfect road trip to explore this wonder, check out our north Queensland Austalia road trip and 15-day northwest Queensland itineraries which feature a few other must-see unique places to visit in Queensland!


4. Buderim Forest Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Next up is Buderim Forest Park, Sunshine Coast’s hidden gem. Here you can discover a world away from the crowded beaches. This subtropical rainforest oasis is home to a network of serene walking trails under the vibrant green canopy. Here, you can walk through serene trails, enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water at Serenity Falls, and discover the secluded beauty of the Buderim Forest. This spot is considered one of the most unusual things to do on the Sunshine Coast because not many people get beyond the iconic white sandy shores when looking to explore Australia’s Sunshine Coast! This gem offers a piece of serene wilderness amidst the urban environment, inviting you to swap the sunny beaches for a day of exploration in the refreshing shade of the trees. 

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


5. The Kimberley, Western Australia

The remote and breathtaking landscapes of the Kimberley are a haven for the intrepid explorer. This vast region in Western Australia is 4WD country, and is filled with rugged coastlines, ancient gorges, untouched wilderness and sacred indigenous art. Here, you can cruise through the curiosity of Horizontal Falls, explore the iconic landscapes of Mitchell River National Park and El Questro Wilderness Park, and wander through the mystical Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park. What makes The Kimberley exceptional is its raw, untamed beauty and the richness of its indigenous heritage. A visit to this remote region offers the perfect blend of cultural and natural adventure – perfect for anyone searching for places to visit in Australia that get them off the beaten track and give them a deeper connection with the land and its stories.

Top tip: For some itinerary inspiration, check out the Perth to Darwin road trip itinerary for a seamless adventure through this remote outpost. Best of all, you will find plenty of inspiration for some unique places to visit in Perth and unique things to do in Perth before setting off on your camper adventure toward the Kimberly region. 


6. Redhead Beach Shipwreck, Newcastle, New South Wales

When it comes to destinations in Australia to experience those iconic golden white sands we are known for, Redhead Beach is not your typical beach. Yes, you will find the golden sizzling sands, but among the dunes, you will also find the fascinating wreckage of the Adolphe. This ship met its fate in 1904 and has since become an iconic wreckage where history and natural beauty coalesce. This a beach day with a historical twist – easily one of the most unusual things to do in Newcastle, NSW!


7. Gippsland Lakes, Victoria

What could be more unique than to swap the city hustle of Melbourne for the tranquil beauty of the Gippsland Lakes on your next trip to Victoria? This tranquil network of inland waterways is Victoria’s largest inland water system and offers a serene escape from the urban hustle of Melbourne. Here, you can indulge in various water sports, enjoy bird watching, or simply relax lakeside. This serene setting is a rejuvenating escape for those who wish to experience more of Australia’s wonderful and wild nature on a classic Australia road trip through Victoria. 

Image: Visit Victoria


8. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania is a pristine coastal outpost painted with orange-hued lichen-covered rocks set against the clear blue waters, creating a breathtaking and almost surreal landscape. This place is one of the most unique places to visit in Australia for its picture-perfect clear waters and the vibrant orange hues of the rocks. It is a secluded haven for hikers, beachcombers, and photographers looking to capture that perfect wavy shot. 

Top tip: The Bay of Fires is easily accessible by driving from Hobart, just three hours south. Looking for ideas of other unique gems to explore in Tassie? Plan your Tasmanian escape with Apollo’s Highlights of Tasmania itinerary.


9. Shark Bay, Western Australia

If you are an ocean lover looking for unique places to visit in Australia’s beautiful coastline, then you will not want to miss your chance to explore the untapped beauty of Shark Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its unique marine life and otherworldly landscapes. In Shark Bay, just seven hours north of Perth, you can discover the ancient stromatolites of Hamelin Pool, take a dip with the friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia and explore the contrasting landscapes of Francois Peron National Park.


10. Hallett Cove Conservation Park, Adelaide, South Australia

Near the charming city of Adelaide lies Hallett Cove Conservation Park, a haven for hikers and nature lovers yearning for a peek into Australia’s premiere geological and archeological sites. Its uniqueness lies in its rich history, with one of the major highlights being the interpretive walking trail, which details the rich heritage, including ice age remnants and the 1,700 Aboriginal artefacts that have been found at this location. This is an ideal spot for those eager to explore the intricate tapestry of this region's history and geology intertwined – easily one of the most unique things to do in Adelaide. 


11. Figure Eight Pools, Royal National Park, New South Wales

Tucked within the Royal National Park are the Figure Eight Pools. These aren’t your typical rock pools – they are a marvel of nature's geometry nestled amidst the stunning coastal scenery. Getting to the pools requires a bit of an adventure, involving a scenic drive from Sydney to the Royal National Park, followed by a trek through the bushland and along the coastline. This is one of those destinations in Australia that you really have to work to get to, making it a unique experience when the stars all align, and you have the chance to see it in all its glory. 


12. Wave Rock, Western Australia

Near the quaint town of Hyden, you'll find the unusual Wave Rock, a spectacular granite formation shaped like a colossal breaking wave – with no water in sight. This 15-meter high and 110-meter long natural structure is a testament to nature’s artistry and the erosive power of water – a must-see on any campervan adventure to Western Australia’s southern interior. 

Top tip: Want to delve deeper into this region of Western Australia? Check out our classic 11 Days in South Western Australia road trip itinerary.

Image: Tourism Western Autsralia


13. Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles), Northern Territory

In the rugged heart of the Australian Outback lie the Karlu Karlu, or Devil's Marbles, monumental granite boulders of great cultural significance to the local indigenous people. Located in the sparse, desolate Outback of the Northern Territory, these intriguing formations look like they have been dropped in by aliens or some otherworldly being. This is a perfect addition to any Explorers Way (Adelaide to Darwin) Australia road trip itinerary.


14. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the nation's capital, Canberra, is the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. This serene refuge is a perfect location for spotting native wildlife, treading along eucalypt-lined hiking trails, and experiencing the captivating beauty of the Australian bush. This is a gateway to the beauty of the Australian bushland on Canberra’s doorstep and the perfect addition to any Australia road trip through the ACT.


15. Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland

Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland is a lush and vibrant oasis in the heart of the semi-arid environment, known for its towering sandstone cliffs, diverse ecosystems, and ancient Aboriginal rock art. This gem is best explored through its winding hiking trails – unveiling the secrets of its flora, fauna, and ancient cultures along the way. Carnarvon Gorge stands out for its rich blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty and as a sanctuary for those wanting to experience the tranquil and timeless in Australia’s rugged interior. 

Top tip: Looking for some inspiration for other unique places to visit in Queensland? Be sure to check out Apollo’s Queensland Outback Explorer itinerary.


Ready to Explore Australia’s Most Unique Destinations?

This is just the beginning of the unique destinations in Australia worth a spot on your Australia road trip. When you rent a van to travel around Australia, you will have the chance to discover for yourself that it is full of hidden treasures, from ancient geological wonders to secluded coastal paradises. If your heart is set on exploring the lesser-known spots and experiencing the road less travelled, it's time to rent that campervan and start your unique Australian journey. So, why wait? Book your Apollo campervan online today, and let the adventures begin!

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