Cairns - Brisbane

Cairns to Brisbane

When you just want to escape from your hectic life and recharge your batteries this trip is perfect for you. Although Cairns to Brisbane can be travelled in two days, you would miss so much. Take your time and see the Great Barrier Reef, plan a diving trip and be amazed by the many sea creatures living in the underwater world. Visit the largest sand island in the entire world and you just might see a real dingo on Fraser Island! On Moreton Island you have the chance to feed dolphins at night time, which is a worthwhile experience for everybody! Sunny Queensland will give you idyllic islands, tropical rainforests and a lot of relaxation. You can experience it all during this amazing journey!


Day 1: Cairns
Day 2: Cairns - Mission Beach
Day 3: Mission Beach
Day 4: Mission Beach - Hidden Valley
Day 5: Hidden Valley - Townsville
Day 6: Townsville - Airlie Beach
Day 7: Airlie Beach - Hamilton Island
Day 8: Hamilton Island - Airlie Beach
Day 9: Airlie Beach - Eungella
Day 10: Eungella - Rockhampton
Day 11: Rockhampton - Fraser Island
Day 12: Fraser Island
Day 13: Fraser Island - Noosa
Day 14: Noosa - Brisbane
Day 15: Brisbane - Lamington
Day 16: Lamington
Day 17: Lamington - Gold Coast
Day 18: Gold Coast - Brisbane


Location: Beach | Photographer:  | Copyright: Tourism Queensland

Airlie Beach Itinerary: Day 6

Airlie Beach is a beach town as you would expect it to be. The laidback and relaxed attitude of the people will have an immediate effect on you. You’ll find it in the Airlie Beach Lagoon, a manmade saltwater swimming area surrounded by sand and grass. Barbecues are often held in the beachside parks.

Location: Eungella National Park | Photographer:  | Copyright: Tourism Queensland

Eungella National Park Itinerary: Day 9

Set in mist-shrouded mountains west of Mackay, Eungella National Park is one of the most ecologically diverse parks. The 860 different plant species are divided in to subcategories subtropical and rainforests. It is home to the Eungella honeyeater, one of five new Australian bird species discovered during the past 50 years.


Fraser Island Itinerary: Day 11

Want to see a rainforest which grows on sand? Fraser Island has it. It’s the largest sand Island in the world and also the only one with a rainforest on top of it. 120 kilometres long and 30 kilometres at its widest point, this Island has developed over 800,000 years and has a unique natural environment.

Location:  Adventures on Moreton Island  | Photographer:  | Copyright:

Adventures on Moreton Island Itinerary: Day 18

Book a Moreton Island day tour and enjoy several adventure activities, full use of the Tangalooma Resort's facilities and a return catamaran cruise! More info


Airlie Beach, Australia
This photo slideshow shows one of the best spots in Australia, Airlie Beach. As you can see Airlie beach is known for its beautiful beaches so take a dive into the deep blue ocean.

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