Brisbane to Innamincka

Brisbane to Innamincka

Explore the beautiful Outback Queensland region with this 10 day round trip from Brisbane to Innamincka, home to the Dig Tree where famous explorers, Burke and Wills took their last breaths.


 Day 1: Brisbane to Dalby

Visit: Toowoomba Town Hall | Travel: 209km

 Day 2: Dalby to St George

Visit: St George River | Travel: 303km

 Day 3: St George to Cunnamulla

Visit: Cunnamulla to Eulo Road | Travel: 294km

 Day 4: Cunnamulla to Thargomindah

Visit: Artesian Bore | Travel: 397km

 Day 5: Thargomindah to Innamincka

Visit: Dig Tree, Burke and Wills | Travel: 372km

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Title: Toowoomba Town Hall | Copyright: TOURISM QUEENSLAND

Brisbane to Dalby Itinerary: Day 1

The Warrego Highway, one of the oldest highways in Queensland, a highway leading you to a new adventure each day. Pick up your Apollo and watch the city skyline of Brisbane disappear behind you as you enter the city that almost stole Brisbane's capital status - Ipswich. After leaving Ipswich, it is not long and you are passing through the Lockyer Valley. Toowoomba offers many fine eateries and restaurants. All stocked up, its then time to continue along the Warrego - the next stop Dalby.

Title: St George River | Copyright: TOURISM QUEENSLAND

Dalby to St George Itinerary: Day 2

Dalby is a town in the Darling Downs region located approximately 210kms west of Brisbane. With plenty of local history and culture to experience from the Pioneer Park Museum to exploring the Bunya Mountain National Park, there's no short of things to see and do. Head over to St George via the Moonie Highway where you will pass Lake Broadwater Conservation Park southwest from Dalby to take pleasure in the only natural lake in the region. Once you've explored Moonie where the area is noted for its quality grain, cattle and prime lamb production don't forget to bring your fishing line when you arrive to St George for a change to catch a codfish bigger than your boat.

Title: Cunnamulla to Eulo Road | Copyright: TOURISM QUEENSLAND

St George to Cunnamulla Itinerary: Day 3

St George is a popular fishing spot, with various rivers and lakes close by. For those who want more of a 4WD experience, head southwest after St George to detour to Culgoa Floodplain National Park, via various 4WD tracks. The park is 130 kilometres south-west of Dirranbandi, and is only accessible to 4WD. The Park sits amidst Mulga country and features great birdlife. For those with less time, continue driving west after departing St George towards Cunnamulla. On the way, make a stop at Bollon and try to spot a koala in the trees along Wallan Creek - the home to a large koala population.

Title: Artesian Bore, Sunrise | Copyright: TOURISM QUEENSLAND

Cunnamulla to Thargomindah Itinerary: Day 4

Continue west to the friendly town of Eulo. Capture the aromas and flavours of the unique date wines at Australia's most remote winery. Visit a date farm, take a mud bath. Learn about the legends surrounding the Eulo Queen. Take a short detour off the main road to visit the friendly opal town of Yowah where you can get some tips from the locals before trying your luck fossicking for your own opals. Detour to the beautiful Lake Bindegolly National Park, where you can follow a short walking circuit or simply take in the serenity from the observation point before re-joining the highway to Thargomindah.

Title: Dig Tree, Burke and Wills | Copyright: TOURISM QUEENSLAND

Thargomindah to Innamincka Itinerary: Day 5

Leave early enough though for the drive to Innamincka - just across the South Australian border. The road starts as sealed bitumen for approximately the first 200 kilometres; then from here on in the rest of this journey is on unsealed roads/tracks only suitable for 4WD. Ensure you are prepared for driving in the Outback and semi-desert regions. Take plenty of provisions with you, including fresh water. Just before arriving at the Queensland-South Australian border, you will reach the famous historic Burke and Wills 'Dig Tree' site on the banks of Cooper Creek, where the Burke & Wills expedition ended in tragedy, and the site of their original graves. Just outside of Innamincka, stop to view the Aboriginal rock carvings at Cullyamurra Waterhole on the Cooper Creek.

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