Travel Route: Binns Track

Binns Track

For an epic four-wheel driving adventure that takes you from the desert landscapes of the western Simpsons Desert to the big rivers of northern NT. Take ten days or more, to discover many of the Territory’s lesser known nature reserves and national parks.

Top 5 Things to Do

Stopover in Alice Springs and explore the stunning West MacDonnell Ranges
Fossick for semi-precious stones at Gem Tree
Stop by Iytwelepenty / Davenport Ranges National Park and spend the night beside a creek.
Visit the heritage-listed attraction the Frew Pond Overland Telegraph Line Memorial Reserve where the two ends of the line first joined in 1872
Check out the Timber Creek Festival and take in the amazing Indigenous talent.
Title: Davenport Ranges National Park | Copyright: Northern Territory Tourism

Davenport Ranges National Park

Title: Glen Helen, West MacDonnell Ranges | Copyright: Northern Territory Tourism

Glen Helen, West MacDonnell Ranges


Day 1-2: Mt Dare to Alice Springs

Travel: 421km

Commence your journey on the South Australian/Northern Territory border where you can start your day by taking in the amazing sunrise at Mt Dare. Next, take the Old Andado Track to as it passes over sand ridges, and meanders through the Finke River flood-out.

Enjoy a picnic lunch at Old Andado Homestead for a fascinating glimpse into early pioneering life.

Stopover in Alice Springs and check out the local markets, the cultural activities and the Indigenous art galleries. Enjoy a mountain biking tour around the desert tracks or visit the Alice Springs Desert Park or Reptile Centre to get up close to the local wildlife.

Day 3-4: Alice Springs to Gem Tree

Travel: 287km

Continue on to Ruby Gap Nature Park and explore along the river bed where there are a range of native birds and wildlife.

Make the most of your drive by following the Pinnacles Track to Gemtree on the Plenty Highway and take in the sights and sounds of the rugged Harts Ranges. Try your luck fossicking for semi-precious stones such as Zircons and red garnets.

Day 5-6: Gem Tree to Tennant Creek

Travel: 692km

Continue on to Iytwelepenty / Davenport Ranges National Park, a serious playground for four-wheel drivers! Explore the network of tracks, and jump into crisp waters of the permanent waterholes to cool down.

On your way to Tennant Creek, take a short detour to Karlu Karlu/Devils Marbles which are a must-see on your drive through Binns Track.

Day 7-8: Tennant Creek to Dunmarra

Travel: 358km

No journey through the Territory is complete without a stopover at Tennant Creek where you can completely immerse yourself in the many fascinating historical attractions. You’ll discover the Aboriginal heritage of the townships at several excellent cultural centres such as Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre.

Continue north past expansive cattle stations and limestone landscapes, stopping to discover the heritage of the pioneering history of the NT, at the many attractions and townships along the way.

Day 9-10: Dunmarra to Timber Creek

Travel: 471km

From Dunmarra, turn west, to follow the Buchannan Highway and head to Judbarra/Gregory National Park. This important park protects both tropical and semi-arid habitats, with intriguing traces of Aboriginal culture, and European exploration. The challenging four-wheel drive route to Bullita Homestead has several river crossings and jump-ups.

Check out the interesting rock formations along Limestone Creek before arriving at the township of Timber Creek. You’re in Barramundi country now, so try your hand at landing one of these mighty fish.

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