Australian Camping Etiquette in Free Camps & Budget Camps

To ensure that “Free” camps and “Budget” camps remain open certain for the enjoyment of all campers, certain etiquette needs to apply.

  • Arrive in the camp at a reasonable hour so as not to disturb fellow campers
  • Allow a good space away from fellow campers to allow privacy
  • Park so that you do not obstruct any other camper for access
  • Note that Campervans with Sliding doors are very noisy at night so please only close / open door when needed
  • As a rule any loud noise after 9.00pm is not acceptable. People need to sleep.
  • Observe when and where fires maybe lit. Always have the means to put a fire out and when finished make sure the fire is out.
  • All rubbish must be disposed of either in bins provided or take it away with you and dispose of when there is a facility to do so properly
  • Use toilets if provided. If no toilets available dig a hole at least 30cm deep, use it then cover it up. If using paper for urinating then put paper in a plastic bag and dispose of in a bin. DO NOT LEAVE PAPER  or uncovered human waste in the bush 
  • Do not waste water that is provided. Water is a precious item in the bush
  • If there is a Donation Box then put a donation in it as this will help keep the site open.
  •  Depart at a reasonable hour so as not to disturb fellow campers


  • Travelling on Australian Outback roads before Dawn and after Dusk is extremely dangerous. This is the time when Native Animals are most active and are a road hazard
  • Ensure you are up to date with all fire status to ensure you do not drive in dangerous conditions
  • Limit the maximum distance you drive per day. A distance of 300kms is considered a safe maximum distance by many. Not only are you at risk but other road users are too.

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