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Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • zuska phillips
    family holiday
    My family and I have struggled over the last few years. My husband and I have three children and we would just love to take them away for a holiday as they have never been away on holiday before. My husband works fulltime, and up untill a month ago i was working fulltime, studying fulltime and looking after the kids and house etc. It was like that for the last 6 years. Now I am finally finished with study we... read more
  • George Sedon
    Many years ago a few of my friends crossed the Nullabor to WA for the Australia Cup yacht race but due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to do the trip which was my dream then and still is now.Being that australia is the best country in the world ( fact ) I will see WA before I die .This prize would guarantee it for me but whether I win or not it will happen.I have travelled oversease... read more
  • Paul Geddes
    Victorian Adventure
    Our dream motorhome holiday is travelling around some of Victoria's highlights... The Alpine Way from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale, the Lakes Entrance area, the Gippsland area, Yarra Valley & The Dandenongs, Mornigton Peninsular, the Great Ocean Road, the Grampions.... My wife and I are trying to see as much of Australia as we can while we are still able to travel. read more
  • Norman Abbott
    We were privileged to experience Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the rain in December 2011. This is an experience not to be forgotten! Now we have to return to see these wonders as everybody else apparently sees them; red, desert, sunset - all the things one expects in the Northern Territories.What a wonderful country! read more
  • Donald Mackenzie
    Camping trip to Grampian Ranges
    Many years ago my parents were visiting us in Melbourne when we decided to go on a camping trip to the Grampian Ranges. My mother, in her 70's was a bit wary of tenting, but found that with the right equipment we had a really comfortable and enjoyable trip. She commented that it was worth going camping just to see our dog enjoying the trip. We had many interesting and enjoyable camping trips while we lived in Australia read more
  • Nicholas Goss
    It was interesting that the road signs for Camels are different in South Australia and Western Australia. South Australian Camels are drawn with the camel running, Western Australian camels are standing still.  (Waiting Awhile)     read more
  • Edward Mahon
    Dreaming Away
    We have been dreaming of driving away,Around Queensland on a self drive holiday,Now we have finally taken the plunge to book,So we can hop in our camper to take a look,At this beautiful country that is our home,It's beauty and uniqueness compare to none,Thanks to your camper van we can drive on our way,So it will be reality soon and no longer dreaming away. read more
  • Jesse Kapacila
    Always dreamt of a trip to this extent. Whether it be roadtrippin' across my own country Canada, or going to Australia, New Zealand, or U.S. this would be a dream come true. read more
  • Kylea Pedrana
    In 2009 my family of four embarked on our first family holiday in eleven years! We decided that the majestic South Island of NZ would be our destination of choice. To add to the adventure, my long suffering husband agreed to one of my well intended plans that we include a friend and her daughter. A large motorhome was hired, flights booked and an itinery designed to include all parties was constructed. As with all hoildays, well planned or otherwise, there are a few obsticles... read more
  • Paul Leander
    HERE A LONG AND UNSORTED TRAVELOGUEfrom our trip up in the Alpine part of Australia weeks before Christmas.Paul had purchased a small portable computer that would help a little on his possible withdrawal symptoms during the trip but also not push my heads memory chambersHowever, the little computer got attacked by hackers and pretty soon broke down.Then something happened that would further create disorder in my memory.Somewhere during the trip I fell towards a table on the veranda in a... read more
  • Jill Parker
    Outback Queensland Journey
    Our journey by car and caravan took us to Boulia to be a apart of the Boulia Camel Races.  We enjoyed the Min Min Encounter museum and the Stonehouse.  The people here are very passionate and although the camel races were cancelled owing to grounds being too wet and we had experiences of car & caravan being bogged in claytype mud - we set off on our journey with 4 other caravanners and continued on loving the open fires and... read more
  • Jill Rowland
    I would like to travel from Adelaide to Perth and return by Motorhome.  I like the country and would like to meet other travellers and see the outback.  I love wild life and would be looking to spot kookaburras, kangaroos, emus, dingoes and other animals and wild flowers.  read more
  • Anna Thompson
    Bucket list wish
    I need a holiday... I need a holiday with my kids. Our first family holiday and don't remind me that both boys are teenagers now or I'll be hearing Mr Guilt knocking on my door (he's the guy holding a bucket with my bucket list on it and chortling weirdly as he tips my list down the drain). "Think you'll go on holiday," he says, "forget about your stupid bucket list," he adds nastily. "So what if there is a... read more
  • Maeva Gadea
    When I grow up, I wanna be a "cow-boy girl"
    Australia.... Just the word itself makes you dream. Kangourous, Koalas, Sunset, The immensity of the country, The Red dust and so much more...I am French and I travelled this oh so beautiful country for 2 years. I've been (not everywhere of course as a lifetime wouldn't be enough !) but at least everywhere I wanted to go to. Of course, I have a lot of memories now but the thing I will remember forever is my work in a cattle... read more
  • Colin Parker
    We had a wonderful 30 day caravan trip travelling west of Queensland visiting wonderful rural towns including the camel races at Boulia.  The experiences we gained were all different some good and some not so good, like getting car and caravan bogged having to be winched out, having car tyre slashed whilst driving on sealed road and hitting an emu fortunately we managed to slow down  so no damage to car or emu.  We enjoyed camp fires with camp oven... read more
    Our family & friends of ours hired a Maui each & cruised for a week around Isla Gorge, Carnarvon Gorge Australia & all the other great places we ended up, it was the most awesome experience we had ever had, a vehicle fully equipped it was like a home away from home, would absolutely love to do it again, the next trip l would love to do but cannot afford  - would be around the red centre - Uluru etc..... read more
  • Sacha Thomet
    Karin and Sacha 2nd time Holiday in Australia
    We will travel in Western Australia in October 2012. We will rent a 4WD Adventure Camper from Apollo for 16 days. Our blog will inform our friends and family always what we are currently doing. The Blog is only in German language because not all our friends can read the English language.  read more
  • Jackson Katene
    kids are moving on
    Our family is at that stage where our 2 eldest of 3 children are heading off for further studies at universaity. Sadly this looks to be the last opportunity for us to take a family holiday before they themselves take their own direction in life. What a way to spend that lasting experience with family who will cheish those memories forever read more
  • Victoria Burke
    Seeing all the grandkids
    My husband has been reunited with his two eldest daughters, who are in their 30's we plan to travel to Gladestone Queensland, to be reunited, with his daughters by his first marriage and 11 grandkids. read more
  • Kerry Maguire
    Dads Legacy
    As a kid my Dad would put us all in the old Fairlane and hit the road. We would drive from Melbourne to Cairns, through all conditions, even over flooded briges making sure we filmed it all on the Super 8. He loved the adventure emparting his extraordinary knowledge of the bush to us. Always pointing out things along the way, quietly educating my sister and I. "Thats wheat, look that is Lucerne" or "look in the air, that is... read more
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