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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Carolanne Benson
    When my husbands parents came to visit us this year we hadn't seen them for 3 years since we arrived from the UK we took them to see the amazing sights of the Whitsunday's . They were amazed by the beauty around them and my fatherinlaw couldn't stop taking photos and taking to the birds (feathered)They vowed to return and see more of the islands soon. read more
  • Amanda Labron
    Nothing like the open road in a Camper van
     Having had one holiday in a camper van exploring the beauty of the South West of WA last year I now look longingly at the many campervans that pass through this town. Nothing like a holiday where you take your home with you, stopping where the fancy and scenery takes you. Sort of like adventuring with comforts of home and a cup of tea always at the ready. read more
  • janine horgan
    50th birthday pressie
    my dream is to give my partner, colin, the best 50th pressie ever. i plan to drive up the wa coast, stoppin in at lancelin, monkey mia, etc.  to exmouth and make the dream of his( and mine) to dive with the whale sharks come true.  read more
  • Lauren Clancy
    Clancy Clan Chaos
    October 2013, My husband Lee will be turning the big 40! The wish and dream is to travel to Bathurst for the v8's so that he can have the Birthday to remember. Win or loose this comp, we will be doing it and meeting all the family and friends who will be joining us in Bathurst. This will be our first big Holiday together as a family since we got married in 2011. Our little girl will be 3 and... read more
  • Fay Johnson
  • Collette Eadndel
    Its the journey not the destination
    "It is not a race" I said to my partner driving our Apollo Camper on the road to Queenstown, South island New Zealand .  "Lets just stop and have a break near this lovely lake." The spot I had chosen was ridiculously picturesque with half a dozen stately poplars,  painting the lakes' edge with rust red and golden leaves. Alpine reflections in the mirror like lake surface completed the picture. We had packed our campers' fridge with some good supplies... read more
  • Brad Worsley
  • Taylor Blakey
    why i'd love to win this trip
    My life as of lately has mostly consisted of reading about exotic places, and dreaming about one day making it there to see them all. Australia is on the top of my list, for the people, the land, the animals, the culture but most importantly the experience. I've been born and raised here in Ontario and can honestly say i have never been anywhere more then a few hours away, I've never been on a plane, I've never experienced any... read more
  • Blake Strickland
    From above isn't the same
    On a flight from Brisbane to Perth with my family of 5 which includes my wife and 3 boys aged 9,7 & 3 I was sitting with master 9 looking out the window of the plane and pointing out the features in the land and watching the roads below pass by quickly. Master 9 then announces quietly to me " Next time Dad, can we take our time and drive to perth ? everything down there below us is disappearing to quick.... read more
  • Neil Davidson
  • Tobias Mueller
    The West in a Rush
    Only 6 Weeks time to go from Perth to Darwin to Red Centre and Back to Darwin.We tried to see all national parks on the way and almost did it...shame that we didn't have a 4WD camper ! read more
  • Christine Penco
    a dream of Tasmania
    oh what i would love is to take off for tasmania seeing all there is to see read more
  • Debbie O'Donnell
    Break down in Tarpo NZ
    My mum took over the drivers set from dad us kids in the back of the campervan cruntched the gears and buggers the gear stick up.  Anyway we had a nice time in Tarpo NZ for a week whilst they sent the campervan back to Auckland for repairs and sent us a new one.  Went fishing on a charter boat on Lake Tarpo mum caught two nice trout on the fly.  Had a local chef smoke the trout had an... read more
  • Harley Lenton
    Queensland Holiday!
    My girlfriend and I went on our first real holiday at the beginning of the year, we traveled by ourselves through a road trip, stayed camping and went to all the theme parks. read more
  • christie jackson
    our 2 destinations in one week holiday
    we live in cranbourne victoria. Hubby and I along with our 2 boys aged 9 and 7, and our dog, floyd, hired a caravan and drove 4 hours north west to our 1st destination being warnanbool also in victoria. Whilst there for 3 days, we also drove a little further to a small town named port fairy. After a wonderful 3 days of sightseeing and fun, we drove 8 hours east to lakes entrance in eastern victoria. We loved our 3 day... read more
  • brooke fraser
    east coast sojourn
    I would like to hop in a fully stocked van, with my partner, and shuttle off on the journey of a  sit by white beaches cooking a bbq and take a dip in the water, wake up and keep driving up and up towards the tip of australia, to find more and more beautiful sunsets, and meet my good friend along the way at Cairns. Its going to be really interesting seeing the green tropics, and eat lots of summer fruit!  We... read more
  • Iain Emslie
    New to Apollo
    We are looking forward to hiring an Apollo motor home to experience the feel of freedom out in the countryside read more
  • Yvonne McDonald
    Our Amazing Whirlwind Top End Adventure
    We had only had 2.5 weeks to complete our Top End Adventure. Melbourne-Darwin-Broome-Darwin and back to Melbourne-just the 2 of us. We boarded  a return flight from Melbourne to Darwin to save time. It was just the 2 of us and Darwin is where our great adventure started. We had booked a Hitop camper from Apollo Motorhomes which came with everything (including maps) except a shower and toilet. We had an itinerary planned staying at Mary River, Katherine, Kunnunurra, Wyndham, Halls Creek, Broome, Halls Creek, Katherine, Pine... read more
  • James Hoskins
    Apollo Motorhome Outback Adventure
     We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Apollo Motorhomes Rental Office in Darwin to swap our tiny rental car for a 2 Berth Camper Van. It was much larger than we were expecting being the size of your average minibus and had all mod cons including a toilet, shower, gas cooker, fridge, microwave, sink, and plenty of storage space for our clothes and food. It even had a TV! The living area was large with more than enough... read more
  • Wanda DeMont
    Ultimate Family Holiday
    My husband and I are in our mid-fifties and have always wanted to travel. We were never able to go far from home because of  post tramatic brain injury suffered by our 27 year old son. This was a result of injuries from school sports.After years of hard work he is now a lot better and leading a virtually normal life and we are now ready for a real family holiday. We are making plans for the ultimate family vacation. We... read more
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