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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Vic Quayle
    Vic and Pam in Oz
    This is a blog I have already started covering our forthcoming trip to NZ and Oz. We leave the UK on 11 September for NZ and plan to hire a motorhome for six weeks, then head for Sydney and stay with my daughter. After a short stay we fly to Tasmania, hire a car and do B&B for two weeks before heading back to Sydney. We will then buy a motorhome and tour Oz for 10 months and hope to visit all... read more
  • Robert Williams
    A recent trip
    We recently completed a caravanning holiday up to and through the Kimberley region of Western Australia, It is a stunning beatiful area with such contrasting and changing scenery and diverse animal life, we decided that a perfect way of traversing the various road types and conditions would be in a four wheel drive Motor Home like an Apollo. You could see all the sights the Kimberley offers and carry your home on your back.  read more
  • craig bryant
    across the top
    Through the red dust ,along roads that shimmer from the heat ,to find oases at the end of picturesque gorges .Watching the sun rise in its splender awakening the land with its fingers of light and then after a day of exploring sit around  stoking the campfire retelling the adventures that happened during the day as the sun drags its blanket of stars above you while it decends into its bed for the night read more
  • Tracy Howie
    "Making it count"
    Well where to start, We only had a short amount of time, but really needed a break. The kids being older and all, we decided to let them fend for them selves. With sorting out all the finer dedtails we finally left town on a friday arvo. Drove and drove to the place we had been described to as being the best thing since sliced bread. Driving into the off the road camp site we looked around and thought, woohoo its amazing.  Found... read more
  • Melanie Corby
    My dream of faith
    My husband and I won a 4 day trip to Gold Coast last year, and I had never been to Australia. I had wanted to go to Australia since I was 12 and finally at age 34 I did! I would love to take my family over to Australia and hire a MotorHome Apollo to travel around and show the children the landscape and nature of Australia, being able to have the independence to drive and stop anywhere without depending... read more
  • Jennifer Windred
    travelling the heart
    My friend Carrol turned 50 and wanted to see it in with an adventure so asked me to go on a trip the the heart of Australia.... Alice Springs.  I wasnt too fussed but thought someone had better go to keep her out of trouble. What I didnt know was it was going to be such an experience never to be forgotten.  From the time I left home I knew it was something out of my comfort zone. I travelled... read more
  • Joanne McLaren
    Our Dream Holiday
    Hi there, I'm Joanne (preferably known as Joe) I have a beautiful Partner of almost 4 years Mick & 2 Daughters Jordan 8 & Taylor 7 1/2. My girls and I have often sat down and talked about a holiday we'd love to do - but will never be able to afford it. We'd love to fly to the Gold Coast from Sydney, hire a nice big motorhome and just drive.... First stop (of course) would be the theme parks.... read more
  • Marek Niedzwiecki
    My sons state team selection
    Earlier this year my son Alex was selected to play for the Victorian under 14 state rugby union team. He is in training now for the national championships in queensland in late September.  He has been the ever determined young man and has managed to achieve these successes through many adversities. His mother has suffered severe depression and addictions and he has manged thru this to be a great support to me and assist in raising his two younger brothers. Thus our... read more
  • Darren Okey
    Bathurst or bust
    At first it seemed like a fairly simple plan, bought a mid sized pop-top caravan, preped it for a long rad trip even sent it on a shake down trip to Busselton to uncover any bugs - if i only new then what i now now, i would've much preferred to hire an Apollo camper. Late september 2010, packed the family, me the missus and two kids into the car had the van all loaded and off we went on our... read more
  • Lisa Anderson
    How Sharks Clean their Teeth
    Our family of six hired an Apollo motorhome in Perth, Australia, and visited Coral Bay at the Ningaloo Reef.  This was the Australian leg of our Around the World tour, and is included in our 2012 novel "Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet!", based on the true-life extraordinary adventures of 6 Andersons 1 World, our travel blog.  Thank you Apollo for playing a big part in making our dreams a reality!  Available at read more
  • Cherie Patton
    My husband and I love the great outdoors so for our honeymoon we decided to do something different and hired a motor home and travelled from byron bay up to noosa and all through the hinterland! We absolutely loved every minute of it, it was so great to be on the road seeing new things everyday instead of 4 walls of a hotel room. Being able to pull over practically anywhere and make your lunch, have a cuppa or even... read more
  • Gregory Wright
    Bought a used caravan, from the get go wife did not like it, decided to go on a 5 day trip from Syd to Forster, some friends decided to come along, they hired a motorhome, well apart from the trip up and back, the rest of the time my wife spent in the friends motorhome pretty much, so, you could imagine, I was in the dog box... To top things off, on the way back, the poor old vans wheel studs... read more
  • Justine Younghusband
    The Younghusband Family Holiday of a Lifetime!
    My little boy is 10 and is about to have his 11th birthday in September. Since he was a small boy him and his friend Joshua spend their days at school talking about when they grow up and leave school they are going to buy their own campervan and travel around Australia collecting and helping all the sick animals. As a family of 6 its not affordable for us to take a campervan holiday but Jordie says doesn't matter mummy... read more
  • Stephanie Papoutsis
    Amazing Australia
    One of my cousins grandparents went to Australia and described how beautiful and clean it was their and how it was so exotic compared to home and I immediately wanted to go there. What an amazing experience it would be to go all the way around the world to a place that has Winter in the Summer and Kangaroos running around everywhere. read more
  • Hein Dornbrack
    South Africa vs Australia
    In 2008 I lost part of my family (my sister, brother and my two nephews) when they left South Africa for Australia. I can remember short after they left on of our newspaper headings were : “800000 SA’s have immigrate”. Yes they are going to start all over again and are just leaving us. Why? What's so special about Australia? Why would they do it? I hate Australia. I hate Australia.For years I loved it when we played Rugby against... read more
  • Carolyn Plunkett
    USA / need a holiday again
    My first very holiday by myself and over seas. I am a single mum and had 4 kids I was looking after I start a full time job, and through to my self I am going to go on a holiday. I was working it out to see if I could go on one with 4 kids house to pay off car to pay for, and yes I could so I booked a 4 week holiday to the east coast... read more
  • jim payne
    cram it in (2012)
    So we have now officially retired.Not being one to take holidays,other than quick trips to france.wife decided we should have a proper holiday.Australia was my only choice.But that was fine with wifey.So how to do it?Fly drive and hotel?Fly from one tourist spot to another?But we then wouldn`t see real Oz,just the Oz most poms see.We want to see real Aussies and real towns.Decision, a Campervan.Through Freedom Austrlia,we booked a Euro-Tourer with Apollo.Pick-up Sydney drop off Melbourne 6 weeks later.What... read more
  • Juana Phillips
    Nullabour Plains
    In 1999 I was driving up the F3 Freeway when I decided how great it would be to travell across Australia. Being yound and carefree, I packed my bag and departed my adventure the next day..... I travelled from Sydney to Perth and back in a Ford Festiva Trio, sleeping in the boot and living off 2 minutes noodles. The experience was amazing!! On our travels we saw so much Australian native wildlife including emu's and big red's. Stopping along the ways at the... read more
  • Ramona Roden
    What If?
    It has been about ten years since my Father said, "If I were you I would packup and move to Australia". I was getting close to the maximim age for a work visa and my Parents had just returned from another vacation there. Now I wonder what if I had gone.   read more
  • Robert Penco
    our dream holiday
    just me an the mrs taking a leisurely trip around australia read more
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