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      Happy Camper Stories

      Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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      • Sosta (christine) Knott
        It's holiday time ....
        I've lived in Australia for 50 years, and really haven't seen, all that it offers and all that's on show, to travel its land is my dream. A visit to Cheapa Campa's, to organise my holiday, hiring an Apollo Motorhome, then booking BIG4 Holiday Parks where we'll stay. With kids on tow and fuel in the tank, we're on our way to see, the beauty and sights of Australia, it's the wide brown land for me. Western Australia, Kangaroo Island, then over to Tasmania's shores, northward bound to the Great Barrier Reef, Oh, how we love the great... read more
      • Allan O'Connor
        Sealink and Apollo Motorhomes: a winning partnership for KI travel
        During a recent Cellar Door/ Farm gate extravaganza for my wife and I we enjoyed the helpfulness and advice from both Apollo and Sealink staff as we set out in our motorhome to tour one of Australia's last remaining pristine environments, Kangaroo Island. It was obvious that many other travellers shared our plans as we were met by many adventurers in a range of Apollo vehicles as they journeyed to the same destinations as us. The comfort and amenities in... read more
      • Allan O'Connor
        Apollo Motorhomes made the dream of Kangaroo Island come true
        In 2011 for my wife's landmark birthday (I dare not say which) we hired an Apollo Euro Tourer and enjoyed a thoroughly inspiring adventure to a pristine piece of Oz teeming with wildlife and spectacular scenery. The Gourmet Trail was very rewarding and supplied our sumptuous feasts each day served up in our very own restaurant on wheels. Our dream is now to return to KI or a similar paradise with our daughter and her children to spoil... read more
      • Kathy Smith
        New Zealand Road Trip
        We had an opportunity to go to New Zealand and timed it to coincide with the birth of my daughter's nephew which was awesome. This was our first ever road trip in a motorhome of that size and we haven't looked back since :) read more
      • Dorien Van den Bosch
        I <3 Roadtripping
        Since 3 years, my bestfriend and I plan a roadtrip every year. We have the best time and are planning to see the world.Next summer we are going to the USA, to discover route 66. But we actually wanted to go to Australia.Since we can't afford to go to Australia yet this competition is our perfect match! And if we don't win, we'll just keep saving up and come either way!Roadtripping is just so much fun. It gives you freedom to do what... read more
      • Romy-Taylor Handley
        Travel Australia with Apollo
        I would love to travel Australia, The first place I would go or do would be to travel along the great ocean road,I've heard that its beautiful I love the coast it's so relaxing,than I would travel over to south Australia,I'll explore that beautiful state for a few days as I have never been there before, than I would go up to Northern Territory as I would love to see Katherine gorge,aires rock and some other fabulous places I've heard about.This... read more
      • Raeleen Silver
        We recently had a trip to Tasmania, we hired a Apollo Euro Deluxe.  My Mum has Alzheimer disease, and her memory is going pretty fast, she has always loved camping so my husband and I took her on this road trip to makes some memories before she forgets who we are.  We had 11 days touring around the Island, the country side was lovely, white poppies, pyrethem daises, orchards and vineyards.  We camped out a lot in free camping spot had open fires and cooked potatoes in the coals. We did 1,500 km which probably doesn't seem much but as the roads are very... read more
      • Melanie Dunbar
        Camping Chaos
        The last time we decided to go camping it rained & rained & rained, after a ridiculous number of drought years, where we could have camped in the dry, we decide to go the week the drought breaks here in Victoria!!We started at Peterborough, where we had to forget thetents & find alternative arrangements, luckily we found a unit that was free for a few days, where we spent most of it looking at the scenery through the windsceen of... read more
      • Debbie Robinson
        Vacay Apollo Style
        Dreaming of traveling the east coast of Australia in Feb/March 2013. Our 9th wedding anniversary is February 14th and not yet having a honeymoon we think this would be the best vacation ever. Currently under snow in the deep north of Canada we need sun & fun Apollo Style. Our last trip to Australia was in 2011 a very sad one as I had to attend the funeral of my daughter and did not have time nor the $$$ to... read more
      • Yvonne Mcdonald
        Escape to Paradise!!!
        What better gift to give 3 generations of our family,than the gift of an Apollo Motorhome roadtrip adventure. The thrill of waking up each morning to a great destination where our grandchildren, children and ourselves can enjoy the quality time together exploring the magnificent countryside and discover the 'hidden gems' that are only on be found while taking time to look around on a roadtrip. In an Apollo motorhome we would have all the comforts of  home and with a... read more
      • Bronwyn Latter
      • jennifer windred
        Who cares
        While on a holiday near Alice Springs we were on our way out to see Uluru.  It was a freezing day and we passed a man walking with two camels.  Stopping to talk to him he gave his apologies and said he would rather not talk as it was too cold so we headed off on our adventure.  Two days later we were heading back and it was a glorious day and saw the man again heading in the other... read more
      • Kees Ruurs
        Big Dreams of a Big Country!
        Two globetrotting Canadian blog about their adventures. Next Fall: 3 months of traveling Australia!See our blog for the full article and link to Apollo Motorhomes!Note: we had to switch blog addresses but already had 41 votes before doing so!... read more
      • Jennifer Anger
        Motorhoming in New Zealand
        After Motorhoming in New Zealand on 4 fabulous holidays, we would love to travel around Australia by Motorhome as we find it the only way to travel.  We are at retiring age and what a way to start our retirement. read more
      • Emma Puszkar
        Jayco Nightmare
        Dad hired a rusty Jayco, that should have been the warning, It tipped when we got out of bed, every single morning! A puncture outside of Uluru, cost us two new tires, When we complained to the company, they swiftly called us liars! The mattresses were mouldy, the fridge wasn’t cold, I remember every horrible minute, even though I was ten years old! Yet I’d love to do it all again, in an Apollo Motorhome, And do it bloody properly, and leave Jayco well alone! ... read more
      • Leanne Zendler
        Australian Waterski Nationals 2014
        We are looking to hire a motorhome so that our family can go to the Waterski Nationals in 2014 that are being held in Darwin.  Our son has been selected in the Australian team for the past three years. read more
      • Laura van Gool
        New Zealand Honeymoon in an Apollo Camper – Heaven or Hell?
        In March 2012 two newlywed Brits headed off on a 30 day road trip Honeymoon around New Zealand’s South Island. For weeks we argued deliberated long and hard over the plethora of campervan options, (I wanted the 6 berth deluxe motorhome equipped with entertainment system, spa bath, heated towel rails etc, whilst hubbie was sure that the lower priced family car with deluxe mattress in the boot would be more “cosy”). Eventually we settled for something in the middle: a 2 berth... read more
      • Kristina Gatt
        Outside NSW adventure!
        As a Sydney girl born and bred, I dream of leaving the South Wales that are New (aka NSW) but I always seem to get stuck here. I recently went to Launceston for 3 days! That is pretty much it for interstate travel, apart from business trips to Melbourne.I want to see the real Australia, the Australia that is not right next to an airport!I want to go through deserts and rainforests and get covered in red sand, I ant to... read more
      • Jade Johnson
        We would be great promoters for your company providing this much needed oportunity
        Hi,My name is Jade Johnson (21 y.o) and my partners name is Brendan Gray (23y.o), we have been constricted to this lifestyle of living day to day, and stuck in this endless cycle of missfortune. Trying to study to benefit ourselves, we stuggle substantially to make ends meet and with the drive to want to get out of our current living situation and community, we would do anything to win this trip. There is so much more to life than... read more
      • Jade Johnson
        Struggling to remain hopeful of life, this oportunity would literally change our lives!
        Hi,My name is Jade Johnson (21 y.o) and my partners name is Brendan Gray (23y.o), we have been constricted to this lifestyle of living day to day, and stuck in this endless cycle of missfortune. Trying to study to benefit ourselves, we stuggle substantially to make ends meet and with the drive to want to get out of our current living situation and community, we would do anything to win this trip. There is so much more to life than... read more
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